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Seaart International Limited
Shenzhen Seaart Garment Accessory Co.Ltd
Center 1203, Yuehai Build, Nanhai Road,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518054
Tel: (86)-755-26850800
Skype: seaartrhinestone
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Customer Comment
    custom rhinestone transfers
    custom rhinestone transfers


    1. Can I trust your company?
    Yes, we worked in garment accessories already more than 20 years. We are 8 years Alibaba Gold Supplier. You can find our alibaba website here 8 years ago, Jack Ma (alibaba's chairman) is still yong and still need to see his customers by himself that time). So we accompany with Jack Ma 8 years already. We are also Executive Director of Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce 3 years already. You can check online at If still doult, check more online news about Seaart Rhinestone at You can find what we do everyday. Finally you can call our customers to check. We offer their phone, address, contact me or tel: (86)755-26850800 (Shenzhen China).
    2. Is your rhinestone transfer stay on clothing well?
    Yes, we had tested in SGS for washing fastness of the rhinestone transfers. If you use correct application to apply them on. It stays on clothing quite well and can be washed more than 100 times. But pay attention the heat seal glue on the rhinestone backing is not fit for all fabrics. Such as some rain coat fabrics,it can not work well as their is a coating surface on the fabric. So strongly suggest to test before apply on clothing to avoid damage to your clothing.
    3. Is your rhinestone transfers quality good?
    Yes, we worked with korea high quality rhinestones, rhinestuds material many years. Our material is tested LED Free by SGS, ITS. You can ask for samples to test by your lab. Normally Disney require to test lead free at least. Zara requires to test according to their European standard. All passed SGS testing. We don't want to work once time with you with cheap quality rhinestone even it's more bright (as lead content high). We work with our customers in long term. If you want to check with our customers, we can offer their phone, address so you can check by yourself.
    4. What's the application to apply on clothing?
    Pressing machine condition Temperature: 320°F (160 ° C) Time: 15 seconds Pressure: 1 kg per square centimeter We do not recommend using the iron on, because the iron temperature, time, pressure is difficult to grasp in place, pressing ineffective products, we recommend using a hot press machine.
    5. Is your company a factory or a trader?
    We are a company located in Shenzhen with our factory in Guangzhou. We established several factories in the past years. Finally because our factory needs to be close in material center, we move our factory to Guangzhou. Keep our customer service center in Shenzhen as this city we could have more goods skillful staff to do our 360°service. If you want to check our 20000+ stock designs, simple to see in our Shenzhen office. If you want to check our production ability. Welcome to Guangzhou.2hours between Shenzhen and Guangzhou.You can contact us: Aric; tel: (86)755-26850800
    6. Do you do custom designs?
    Yes, we do 90% custom designs in the past 20 years. Customers would give us their draft artworks, our designers would create them as rhinestone transfers image for their approval.
    7. Do Seaart a wholesaler or retailer?
    We are wholesaler.As a factory, we must arrange production and no possible to do retail. We deal with clothing, shoe, bags, scarf... factories, also middle distributors all over the world.
    8. Is your rhinestone material quantity enough?
    Why ask this questions? Just because customers always said why your prices are expensive than others for rhinestone material? Please check first how many gross you buy? Don't just compare how many per bag? For example, if you buy 1 bag rhinestone material ss6, it should be 1000 grosses in the bag, right? But actually most of the suppliers in China market, they give not enough quantity, some is 800 grosses, some even go to 600 grosses. So if you compare rhinestone material prices,first of all, you must ask if the rhinestone quantity enough per bag. After you know how many quantity you would buy, you can focus on second question, quality. If quality is same. We use lead free korea highest quality rhinestone material, so don't compare with China quality whatever it's China A or B or BB. Finally after checking quantity and quality, you can compare prices and see if we are competitive or not.
    9. What's the difference for direct DHL express and DHL HK agent?
    When we send rhinestone transfers to you, sometimes our customer representative would ask you which DHL you want to use? There are two kind of way to transport your goods. Direct DHL express or Transportation Forwarder in HK. Direct DHL is official service. It offer professional transportation service such as quick and accurate arriving date,online tracking same day after goods send out. So it costs normally higher per their professional service. There is another option for the customer who is not urgent to get their goods to compromise time. It's Transportation Forwarder. They are the middle man between us and official DHL. They collect goods from us and then deliver to Hong kong. In HK, they pass the goods to HK DHL. Then you can track now in HK DHL system. So it would takes 2-3days more time than sending via direct DHL. But it costs 10-20% cheaper. So if you are really not time sensitive, you can choose to use cheaper transportation forwarder. Oterwise use direct DHL.
    10. What's your regular delivery time?
    Production time normally within 1 week after order confirm. If special order and need to be quick, we can finish in 1-2days. Otherwise it's within 1 week. We usually use DHL express from China to other countries. For example, it takes 3days from China to USA. We could get from DHL express 50-60% discount based on their standard charge.
    11. What's your payment term?
    For small amount less than USD500, we accept paypal (our official a/c, The only legitimate a/c) or Western Union. For more paypment, better use t/t, remit to our HK HSBC a/c (check with us details). Normally we ask 30% deposit and balance before shipment. For customers who already established credibility with us, we could give credit days. If you like L/C, we can work too.