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    Coat + scarf warm over the winter fashion tips

    • Author:Aric
    • Source:Sea Arts News
    • Release on :2014-12-09

    Coat + scarf warm over the winter fashion tips


    Shortly after snow integrity, the temperature is getting cold, warm woolen coat though, but you can not hide the neck, this time needs a fashion warm scarf to match, so that the neck is not cold, it is more fashionable.

    A black woolen coat + scarf

    Black woolen coat, loose outline shape, and black denim or leggings, plus black boots, looks good, but no highlights, this time in a checkered scarf embellished with it, Stylish lit up instantly.

    Second, woolen coat + khaki scarf

    Green woolen coats, simple and elegant fashion, inside with a white sweater and black skirt, black leggings plus, very hierarchical visual sense. // Long Plaid coats casual retro, both stylish and beautiful and simple and generous and capable, coupled with khaki scarf, let retro fashion beauty upgrades.

    Third, the long coat + scarf

    Fashion simple black coat, which take a long blue sweater, and black stockings leggings below, simple, stylish and elegant. At this plus a scarf, warm and fashionable. // Blended knitted coats, elegant simplicity, coupled with a calm color yellow scarf, it becomes more beautiful and vivid, full of femininity.