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    Chanel ugly or our bad taste

    • Author:Aric
    • Source:SeaArts News
    • Release on :2014-12-09

    Chanel ugly or our bad taste


    Chanel design is always so elegant, simple, elegant and unique. Due to the unique nature of publicity, clothing has been particularly attractive to the eye, the following paragraphs are more fashionable apparel line identity flowers.

    One, red with black + flower decoration

    Black harness dress, silky soft light, comfortable to wear decent, skirt the most beautiful place than the red and blue flowers, beautiful sense of vertical arrangement brought together. This right shall also, thin loose harem pants and shorts round collarless cardigan. Dotted with red flowers in a tasteful fashion sense.

    Second, black + white + gray with flowers

    Sexy transparent thin silk chiffon, decorated with white flowers dotted H type, short black skirt should be very grand hairy bright, coupled with black leggings and black boots, it is extremely sexy heavy.

    Three, black + red

    Single-breasted black leather with red stripes spell edge, fancy special extravagance too old-fashioned. Black lace dress right shall feathers, is particularly exaggerated sense of elegance.

    Fourth, the sweater pattern

    High-necked blue sweater V-shaped flowers connections outside a fur cardigan red and black diamond, fancy elegant unique ten respectively. Left sweater with fur grass skirt, is pure and retro, ladies and wild fashion sense of conflict.