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    The Show of Carina birthday party

    • Author:tank/sunny
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2014-12-13
    December 8 is Carina's 49th birthday, and she spend serveral million to held her birthday party,the party participate in the star cast comparable Film Festival, it really is dating over the world, most notably the guests naturally Faye and Zhao Wei, but the two lady's outfit is not good.

    In that evening,Carina wearing a black and white dress skirt stitching, accompanied by delicate makeup and elegant dish made, seem noble and charming, low-cut deep V design and collar delicate string of pearl smakes her chest showed off a sexy, gorgeous.
    Our SeaArt have this pearl neckline

        Faye Wearing a blue skirt with army green cloak, also with a red scarf, Someone comment taht she just wearing a  mahjong tablecloth. Faye Wong's dress has always been independent, and this one, although people do not understand, is still pretty cool .

    And Vicki. The dress was described as like an old woman, old-fashioned clothes and trousers, also with a pair of sports shoes, perhaps they are trying not to grab the limelight from Carina.

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