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    Matching your clothes

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2014-12-15
    Pink in our minds will always associate the Barbie doll, like the little lovely princess, while the high fashion has nothing to do with what color you have wear, but how you use it, and convert it into their own style.

    What the woman will do everyday is stand in his wardrobe and distressed what to wear tomorrow, and sometimes want to be lazy; actually the simplest way is to buy a suit. Other people have helped you with matching clothes; you don't have to worry how to use the coat to match the pants.

    I want to be lazy today, I often share to others  "Intelligent people are eligible to lazy",  the results of "lazy" is same to others, but a shortcut way to achieve the same effect. Like the stars wear the major suit to attend to the activities, we don't think that is their own mix, more or less, most are in fact the runway, was mixed into this, they just "appropriation" it.

    But today I have to do is match good for accessories, fluorescent yellow pink printed suit with pink and contrast color, let the haze of the weather a little bright mood.

    In fact, you will feel the collocation is not really difficult when you use your heart to find. And it is that several rules, when you put the rules in hand accurately, you can have your own style, or create your own style. So, the results still, just be a happy yourself. Just go and find your high fashion.