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    custom rhinestone transfers


    Woman can't live up to jewelry and fashion clothes

    • Author:Sunny / Tank
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2014-12-18
    Europe is really a magical treasure, where there are countless artistic and enjoy endless fashion. Perfume, jewelry, fashion, there is everything to help women become more beautiful treasures.
    Let us work together to recognize two exquisite brands from this piece of art and fashion mecca .


    Founded in 1947, the beautiful Mediterranean island of Capri, fine jewelry workshop Chantecler now and stunning natural landscape of the island tied into two main purposes of the countries elite landing. Chantecler in the island's beauty, the streets of the story as inspiration, the island in the annals of history have Chantecler, shining glorious history of the top jewelry workshop and proud. 
    Native,it lights in every corner of the world and makes people a wonderful sense of tranquility.

    Chantecler bracelets and necklaces available in different lengths, shapes and materials, so that's every woman can according to their own personality, choose the best performance of his own style of wearing methods. Dai Pei Daipei extreme methods. Great to meet the ever-changing image of us like their women.
    It's worth mentioning that Shenzhen Seaart garment accessories company in China , with diamond design mainly to provide one-free design service for each customer.

    Phase Eight

    Phase Eight from London, England, has been a timeless elegance and modern design known female tastes. 2014 opened its first independent Hong Kong shop selling equipment in Asia.

    Brand highlights in their wedding gown and limited series. Gorgeous, elegant, a woman wishing to pursue the ultimate goal of fashion. Glittering bright beads, noble charming classic lace, retro swing drape tassels, just the right length, will use the classic elements was so decent place, but not a lack of style. In the warm south, these are perfect with a single product can be used all year round.

    Shenzhen SeaArt Garment accessories company can help you accomplish this beautiful dream.

    When we tired of enjoying jewelry and beauty, Please follow with me on the first floor atrium of 
    the mall Christmas art installations.

    It's special design for Christmas 2015 In IFC mall Hong Kong.It looks like a giant jewelry box from the outside,hidding countless treasures inside.

    If you come to watch close,there is far more delicate than imagined.With"Snow flower"of the sky in the snow skiers freely,gleaming in the jungle cabin .Make people cannot help to give praise.

    This device is placed in the first floor, in order to welcome to  the Christmas and New Year.