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    vagrant thoughts

    • Author:tank / sunny
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2014-12-20

    For a long time no written log, and suddenly starts, I feel a little difficult.

    A child will starts with: "Today is Monday, the weather was good, white clouds, certain children also robbed me of ice cream, certain teachers are stuck in front of the school did not let us wear a badge of students pass." Those days really interesting.

    Now there is no bully, no Super Mario, Contra no, but I still alive and well, so there is nothing not afford homes, even thought most people can not afford to lose.

    People grow up, tied it more, increasingly unable wayward life. In fact, life is a kind of willful enjoy, you do not have on who is responsible, not for who feels guilty, to whom do not obsessed.

    Many people in the past is past, a lot of things past is past, it is important that there are still who accompany you around, you never betray.

    Trying to say? Probably - now the new Tank, live very comfortably. Have my own little ambition, little ideals, even if some are too small invisible dream, Tank still feels happy. I was left to my own future, so do not say anything, "unambitious" kind of thing, because I'm a man no ambition, no longer before the bent to prove himself, wants to control everything fool . Such Tank, no matter whether you do not like, love or my not so humble but quietly alive, and most likely this has been alive.

    Finally, thank some people, because of your company, I am not alone.