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    Be young, be crazy (1)

    • Author:Fred
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2014-12-22
    Be young, be crazy (1)

    Everybody will or had a young age as the plays have their own stories. When you are young, your memories just like the small tree grown up, and they would be saved at your mind. We can't be run in a hurry, but we can choose the "crazy" model and let them grow up. Because you are young, you need to be crazy.

    A few days before, the words, "only the good-looking guys enjoy their youth, but someone like us just have the College life." was popular in the network. This is from a boy whose shocking answer to the "what is youth?" the street interview.

    Our countenance is just one small part of our youth, not the main part. It's not the same with the Cannikin Law, as the result depends on the short. Is it shallow if you put the tag of face into your youth? For the youth, everyone has his own view.

    Just this words "Be crazy, or old", it leads a lot of people look back their past and look forward to their future. Even sometimes you would feel they just like the star far away from us.

    Sometimes our thoughts would be contained by our funk, we would define them as crazy and Alternative action, then we did not achieve them. But we are young, that is our strong property. For this part, you could do anything you want to do, because you still have so much time. If you could be crazy enough, and braver, then you are the winner.