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    Maple leaves falling,How Spoony it is...

    • Author:Sunny / Tank
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2014-12-29
    Monday - Seaart news channels are always very busy

    Sunny in the rain...

    Fall and winter at the junction, strong and deep, fill the fields of red much like a deep love, meet, burning, drunk love beauty ... But love always comes inadvertently, and hurried away, still without taste, that once eachother people have quietly left, to execute "another mission", leaving behind Canhong recall in the trees!

    Friendship is too heavy, the days is refers to the quicksand, being old for along past time. Life have no forever,but it can be recycle, like the annual red maple, in the branches of lulu, waiting for the winter snow, was dying, was buried ...

    Shenzhen is getting cold in the winter, have you give yourself more than a clothing!

    If you put out a hand,can scooped up the entire autumn

    Colorful leaves

    A city in my heart, no dirty, only a clear pool.

    Autumn leaves are the most beautiful poetry

    You've gone through the most beautiful sadness, But leaving your unique taste in the sky ...

    As time goes by, safely

    flowing quietly

    Endless obsession

    Those who have traveled together human life,can be remembering back in the sea of autumn moment?

    The tree of purples, not gorgeous but not feeling a little impetuous ...

    Life between heaven and earth, there is always the other side of the endless landscapes and can not arrive.

    We walked through all Autumn, in the snow flutters. Wipe with a warm sun in years, Cherish what you have at the moment, for the best view has been on the feet, on the road, in my heart.

    Beginning of the heart, still so entangled ...