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    The Fashion Street Snap of Taylor

    • Author:Fred
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-04
    Whenever you look at Taylor Swift, you could feel her special charm. Then she sung in the Victoria's Secret after she introduce a new album, and she is beautiful with the long leg. SeaArt will take you to appreciate the fashion street snap and you wouold think it is pretty and glamorous. In addition to Congenital advantage, it is great for her collocation. And you could learn from her, wearing you own fashion style. 

    One Characteristic of the winter is this kind of shawl. Owing to the blanket shawls are showing in many fashion show, then lots of girls follow them and take place of the loose coat. It is attractive for Taylor wearing the simple suits with a shawl.

    It is cute and natural, Suitable for the daily leisure wear. It is necessary fot the winter and autumn to take a Sweater, and you could choose many kind of collocation to dress. Just like the Close fitting pants, jeans or pants.

    The street snap in New York, she also wears in New York style. Dk.blue coat with the same-color shirt, the trousers and bag are kindly different. The whole collocation is simple but charming. SeaArt recommend OL could learn this style.

    The black suits for Taylor is graceful and elegant. And it is comely for taking the black dress under the cool fur clothing.