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    what mightiness Shen zhen is!

    • Author:dove
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-06

    Shenzhen  said:do you know what shenzhen look like?Prosiperity、hastily、immigrant worker、business、high consume、high real estate…All of these are the characteristic of shenzhen.

    So what is the symbol of these characteristic?

    1.shenzhen is one of the biggest cities in china next to shanghai、beijing、guangdong,whose economy  rank the fourth of china.

    2. In2012,shenzhen ranked the top candidate of Talent competition in china,ahead of beijng and shanghai.

    3.At present,there are 48 skyscrapers over 200 meters in shenhen,ranking the third of china,only next to Hongkong and shanghai.

    4.The house price of shenzhen ranks the third of china,whose average price  arrive to 27000 yuan per square metre, only next to beijing and shanghai

    5. Annual  income  oshenzhen is 81000,arriving to moderately developed countries, second only to Shanghai and Beijing of 8.6 in 83000 (excluding Hong Kong).(March 2014)

    6.Shenzhen and Shanghai is China's two stock exchanges  city.In2013, the  global IPO financing amount of shenzhen stock exchange is lower than Hong Kong, only came second in the world.

    7.Shenzhen shennan avenue, 198 meters wide, is the greenest in the country.Most office buildings and the highest building are on both sides,which is worthy of  naming  Chinese landscape avenue.

    8.Shenzhen international trade building has created two of the most:the first is China's highest building in the 90 s;The second is fastest so far in China construction,  which is called the "shenzhen speed".All people is proud of that.

    9.Shenzhen citizen center, is named China's most advanced planning.

    10.Shenzhen has one of the best bank in China: China merchants bank;Shenzhen has one of the best insurance company in China: China's peace;Shenzhen is China's best real estate company, vanke, gold base, China resources, China merchants and oct.Shenzhen has the most competitive IT companies in china: huawei and zte.Shenzhen is China's largest theme park district: oct (splendid China, folk village, happy valley, window of the world);Shenzhen is China's largest Internet company, tencent.Shenzhen is China's largest logistics company: motion;There is China's largest television company in shenzhen, konka and skyworth.Shenzhen is China's largest golf course: mission hills;Shenzhen is China's largest electronics industry and commerce: foxconn.

    11.At present, the number of cars is 300 million, only next to shanghai.

    12.The rate of green area is 64%only next to sanya.

    13.The number of population is 11 million and the density of population is nearly the same as Hongkong and Tokyo.

    14.Shenzhen is the youngest city in china, which average age is 29 years old.  

    15.shenzhen has the shortest sleeping time in china,which is 5.8 hours.

    16.The price of subway and bus is highest in china.

    17.Shenzhen's  consumption is high, second only to Beijing and Shanghai,and the annual per capita consumption of 28000 yuan.