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    The Nepal and Tibet earthquake, can you save yourself when on journey

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-04-28

    Fourteen eleven on April 25th, Nepal (28.2 degrees north latitude, 84.7 degrees east longitude) occurred 8.1 earthquake, the focal depth of 20 km. The epicenter 43 kilometers from the border of Tibet Shigatse Jilong County, 42 kilometers from the border county Nie lalin. This spread, a strong sense of Shigatse earthquake, radiation Shigatse, Ali, Shannan, Lhasa City, Lhasa felt obvious.


    After the earthquake, we must follow the principle of fast relief, the sooner the better, but if they do not accidentally fall into the earthquake zone, no one else will come to help what will you do?


    "Squat, cover, hold" is the principle of salvation

    Show numerous earthquake rescue cases, the most dangerous in the moment, in the most intense shaking, trying to force out of housing, or return to the house trying to rescue his companion and some items. These actions will increase the risk of death, injured by falling objects.

     Therefore, the principle of international earthquake escapes "squat, cover, hold," at least until today is still valid. If you are indoors when the earthquake occurred, the desk, table or other similar solid furniture space below, and hold on the object. If there is no desk or table, with his arms hold the head, face, crouching in the corner of the room. At this point, you should as far as possible to avoid the glass, doors and windows, glass curtain wall and other objects may fall or broken!


    If you are outside when the earthquake happened, as long as no trees near objects, street lamps and the poles down easily, nor with glass walls of the building, can remain in place, to protect their position, do not have to run to escape. If you are in a field, it is so lucky.


      Visitors are likely to encounter a situation; it is in a moving car, and meets the earthquake. At this time, as soon as possible to stop and stay in the car is a good choice. But be careful the car near the threat, such as not easy to falling objects, especially in the earthquake is very fragile overpass. After the earthquake, be careful driving, especially be careful and shake and crumble bridges because of the earthquake!


    The worst case is although you are surviving, trapped under the rubble. At this point, the better solution is to use a handkerchief or other cloth, cover your mouth and nose, and a metal pipe, wall and other places, or use the whistle (if any), in order to prompt rescue personnel. If you have matches or a lighter, don't try to light them for lighting, because you cannot determine whether the buildings collapse led to the leakage of combustible gases (such as gas pipeline fracture). Don't blindly shouting to call for help, because it can make people inhale dangerous amounts of dust, and the rapid consumption of physical fitness.