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    Oriental beauty --- bright cherry and lavender in full bloom

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-09-11
    The design is full of oriental mood, full of classical aesthetic, the design of the dress, unlike the West, as emphasized profile shape, unlike the Middle East is full of feminine dress as temptations, to be fair, this is probably the most restrained and elegant dress suitable for Asians.

    The theme of this season's is from the splendid cherry and soft lavender, bloom in the dress, a blossoming enough to attract every woman's stop, soft colors, full of large and style. Floral design exquisite harmony, whether it is oriental flower broken branches, corner layout, or Western sports lines, impression flowers can be cleverly integrated into a Look.

    However, the design style, 2016 spring and summer clothing line also includes practical elements, representing the street sporty - sweater and jacket are actually and elegant lady long veil together, romantic lace and tulle perspective is classic combination, but also mix and match the sporty new printed fabrics, such as combining Chinese and Western, ancient and innovative combination, quietly expressed in the details, is in line with oriental aesthetic orientation including but not exposed.

    Evening dress is dark green and white part of series, line drawing pastel flowers become a major element, although the dress is a traditional A silhouette profile shape, but kimono belts, and jackets are so mix design showing a new charm.