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    18 of the world's most beautiful tree you have seen it?

    • Author:Aric
    • Source:Seaart Rhinestone Designs News
    • Release on :2014-12-08
    18 of the world's most beautiful tree you have seen it?

    The 18 Most Beautiful Trees in the World       
    We love trees because they protect the nature, cleanse the air and provide us with fruit and building materials. There are some trees, beside the above mentioned characteristics, have another thing that we love, that is beauty!                              

    If you were reincarnated, I would like to do a tree. Stand in eternity, no joys and sorrows of posture. Half in the dust, serene, half flying in the wind. Floating down a cool half and half soak up the sun.

    Speaking of trees, we have too many reasons to love it: nature conservation, climate regulation, clean air, provide fruit, timber ...... However, there are some trees, in addition to the above characteristics, they also have a worthy reason we love - that is beautiful!
    Of course, some of the following pictures can not completely call it a tree, because they belong to some vines, shrubs, and some even just grass, but we have to also count them, because their beauty irresistible....


    125-year-old azalea blooms, Canada 

     144-year-old wisteria, Japan
     144-year-old wisteria, Japan
     Fallen tree (Wind-Swept Trees), New Zealand
    Japanese maples, Portland, Oregon, United States 
     Antarctic beech, Oregon
    Cherry tree, Bonn, Germany
     Angel Oak, South Carolina, United States
    Flamboyant Tree, Brazil
    Dragonblood trees,Yemen
     President tree, California Sequoia National Park
    Maple, Oregon 
    Rainbow Eucalyptus, Kauai, Hawaii 
    Rainbow Eucalyptus, Kauai, Hawaii 
     Violet, South Africa
     Oak, United States, South Carolina
    Baobab, Madagascar 
     Dark hedges, Northern Ireland
    Dark hedges, Northern Ireland 

    Beautiful flowering vine

    Beautiful flowering vine