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    2016 New York Fashion Week -Victoria Beckhaml 2016 spring and summer series

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-09-15
    2016 New York Fashion Week -Victoria Beckhaml 2016 spring and summer series

    Victoria Beckham's show has always been a mainstay of New York Fashion Week, strong sense of urban wear style coincides with the spirit of New York

    Not to mention the designer herself is a big star, and her family appeared in the first rows of the grand show the affection happy enough to everyone discussed a while.

    But this time, it was just Beckham and his eldest son Brooklyn still unshakeable support their mother.

    Surprisingly, we found that women scientists meticulous precision even become active, and even with a bit of retro small fresh.

    On those tight silhouette dress and able suit, appeared retro feel small Plaid, color is also very pastoral, suddenly feel relaxed.

    Even this rich color ink style pattern emerged in the Beckhams design. Beckhams said she wanted to express more of an attitude - fresh, and there is a little bit of 'I do not care' attitude of arrogance.

    Large blocks of color stitching is such a neat modern. The stern of the Beckhams if from her design began to release such a signal, here I want to laugh, I want to enjoy life a relaxed and happy.

    Neat silhouette jacket under the parcel of playful rich heart, she changed in attitude of life and as life winner.

    Wonderful details: