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    25 photos show you how beautiful it is to hold wedding in winter!

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-01-11

    25 photos show you how beautiful it is to hold wedding in winter!

    Winter may be the most unpopular wedding season, but these unforgettable pictures may change your mind, from photos of ice and snow then to the unique vehicle, nothing more stylish than a wedding in the winter!

    Wedding photos in snow are super great!

    Unpredictable snow may not coincide with your shooting stroke. If you happen to encounter a heavy snow make sure to seize the opportunity. Your photo might look like a fantastic world of magic.

    Let your groomsmen and bridesmaids optimistic the best timing to sprinkle snow.

    That little boy who wear hat and gloves is super cute.

    Must have fun with your best friends forever at your last single night.

    Choose a set of stylish and suitable gloves, scarves and sweater for yourself.

    One touch of red in the snow can’t be more attractive.

    A fur coat allow you to keep warm and look grace.

    Choose a close holiday to take wedding photos, then your photos could also make as a holidays cards and send out to everybody you love.

    Use holidays decoration as background have better effect.

    Outdoor ceremony in winters seems more traditional and ramantic.

    Snow covered everywhere looks like a Christmas town.

    Perfect natural setting for wedding photos.

    Share a sweet kiss!

    Let the snow witness your happiness!

    Flexibly use the props in your hands.

    Standing in the middle of the candles like happiness in fairy tale all come true.

    Take the advantage of the scenery but avoid covering by the snow are double benefits for wedding photos.

    A carriage make the atmosphere more retro.

    Get marry in a ski resort? Then must have the cable car!