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    custom rhinestone transfers


    50㎡ happy little family of modern American style

    • Author:Sunny / Tank
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-19
    Hello everyone! We ushered in a new week!
    Today, we bring you to appreciate the modern American space design.

    Nowdays, let us pay more attention to thanks to a rise in living standards for a better experence.Most noteworthy is the style of our living environment.
    Please let us together to experience the 50㎡ happy little family of modern american style.

    Avoid excess space generated screens and broken, with limited radius of gyration, creating storage function of the entrance passage.

    Living room
    Bring a touch of mustard green, brewing minimalist atmosphere relieve pressure situations.

    Living room
    Furniture match, the deliberate use of conflict hit color, form the unique charm of personality catching contrast.

    Living room
    Ping limited effective range, the aisle space included in the individual function blocks used to make a clear distinction between the ceiling level through modeling.

    Dinning hall
    Thinking reasonable relationship to daily life, and will stay at the table Omo lighting, make homeowners feel more like reading my mind.

    Make light of the original flavor of cement powder through rugged hand, thin tasting topic space texture implications.

    Dinning hall
    The den and dining integrate thinking, so hospitable owners can invite a few friends drink two cups.

    The units of the bar's high, inside the kitchen of electrical equipment to be integrated into the site.

    Functional integration along the wall under the plan, so that the pattern of moving lines become more neat and simple.

    Take the amount of body geometric squares stack ingenuity unique interpretation of the US-based storage.

    Reservations office departments piece modified to allow the use of more flexible function.

    Relieve the pressure to create a simple scene, as if like a resort hotel living experience.

    This is the designer gave us a gift -White feather rhinestone transfer pillow

    Behind the beautiful, there must be some kind of effort