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    60000 imitation crystal composition of the jewelry - SWAROVSKI

    • Author:candy
    • Source:http://seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-08-04
    SWAROVSKI hand in hand designer brand Van Herpen Giles, Serkan, Cura Iris and Ludovic, in the 2016 autumn and winter fashion week in Paris high fashion show custom series. 

    Iris Van Herpen:
    Inspired by the sound image of research (acoustic visual and geometric patterning), Swarovski collective creation project members iris van Herpen in the design of this season first with Swarovski creative force advanced customization series. Her last second modeling, imitation crystal dew dress, the 60000 Swarovski Crystal imitation, combined with silica gel and tulle, creating a brilliant and creative time.

    Iris van Herpen commented: "again with Swarovski cooperation to me is great pleasure. Imitation crystal let me think of water. It gives me inspiration for the flow of light and shadow. I've seen covered insect bath dew in the morning a giant photograph, the imitation crystal dew long skirt let me associate to the scene.

    Use of luxurious velvet, brocade and jacquard fabric, depending on the wrong painting details and photo printing, Giles to decorate the complex processing details the latest series, from the laser cutting flower embroidery, layer upon layer of silk petals, to feathers and Swarovski Pearl decorated variously. Imitation crystal embroidery also appeared in mosaic stripe and printing.

    Giles, commented: "our inspiration was from the Bloomsbury Group (Bloomsbury Group) sponsor Ottoline Morrell lady, the lady to lavish banquets and beloved crystal known. We use Swarovski Crystal adorn these works, and gives a series of energy and soul."

    Serkan Cura:

    In 2016 in autumn and winter, returning to the essential series, serkan Cura using more than 165000 pieces of pink, transparent and gold tone fancy and circular Swarovski crystal, creating a rich sense of building advanced customization profile. Imitation crystal in lace, corset and complicated feather modelling shine.

    Serkan Cura commented: "for me, the Swarovski crystal is perfect way to improve any clothing visual effect. It can let me convey the charm of this unique, extra sexy, of course, there are dazzling effects. Through uncompromising attention to detail and careful construction, imitation crystal changed the clothing silhouette. Swarovski is part of my DNA design: imitation crystal, feathers and corset.

    Ludovic Winterstan:

    Using Ludovic Winterstan more than 180000 stars imitation crystal fabric on the 2016 winter haute series, set ambitious technology and exquisite process in one. Designer of the dark and metallic hues imitation crystal come in handy, from quhei, ink color, dark red to silver gray and pale gold, jewelry and makeup look modelling everywhere shining crystal imitation light clothing.

    Ludovic Winterstan commented: "to become Swarovski advanced customization cooperation projects, I feel greatly honored to be. We have been in the traditional manner deductive imitation crystal, this season we try to become more 'immature', more rich tribal customs, more primitive. We painting in the dress with a fake crystal, just like using a pigment in the pigment. We also put fake crystal made 'curtain', sometimes falling, sometimes lining a beaded silicone fabric, sometimes inlaid in knitting."