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    A group of popular yoga nude photos on instagram!

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-01-06
    A group of popular yoga nude photos on instagram!

    Recently a group of yoga nude photos attracting many people’s eyes. A group of black and white photograph, in a month, this unnameable lady harvest nearly 10 million fans in instagram.

    There are some strict limits of nude photos on instagram, but her photos all use different angles, shadows and post-processing to avoid the restrictions. It’s very clever!

    All of the images are complete filming at home with her boyfriend’s assistance.

    Making these photo shots are not intended to be popular on the network, but to encourage people pursue a healthier lifestyle.

    After being famous on the network, also attracted the media, and she still choose remain anonymous in the interview.Only find out that she used to work as a model, now living in New York, 25 year old, work as photographer. She said, ‘In the past, my biggest problem is that I thought I have a lot of problems with my body, so I can’t totally accept and love myself. I stick on a strict diet for better body, but it made me even more painful in life. And Yoga help me to accept the way my body is.’

    She also said, ‘I want to encourage everyone to be aware, everyone is beautiful. Everyone’s body is beautiful, we all can do many great things.’
    Her photographs full of beauty instead of erotic meaning, it showing the amazing flexibility and strength of human body.

    Harmony of light and shadow, difficult yoga postures, let these photos glistened like a artwork.
    She said, ‘ I just want to draw people’s attention  to the healthy, natural lifestyle, and encourage more people to accept their own body, discover the beauty of their body, to embrace nature, live healthier and happier!’

    She believed, Yoga can help people get rid of the inner and external constraints, and achieve the joy of life and peaceful realm.