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    A special restaurant for long-distance couple in Japan!

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-01-11

    A special restaurant for long-distance relationship couple in Japan!

    Recently there is a video very popular on the internet, is about a Japan restaurant special arrange for long-distance relation couple.

    The couple just need come to the restaurant like they are going for a date. The restaurant is romantic decorated, looks very sweet. After sit down, turn on the phone and open that specified software on the designated position, the lights turn on and connecting the other side. Then everything is ready to go.

    Next, the curtain in front of the table would slowly rises. You will surprisingly find that your girl/boyfriend is now sitting in front of you, like you’re in one room, sit at the same table. Both two person’s every movements and sounds are real-time synchronization.

    Even backdrop, decorative layout, table tablecloths and room furnishings were exactly the same. Let them feel each others’ existence.

    The restaurant’s most important design is synchronized, help the couple feeling better they were together now, starting from the service.

    You can ask what would your lover like to eat, then waiter will instantly appear in front of you, of course, is certainly not the same person in both two side, but manage to do could be super difficult. You can simultaneously Cheers. Free to follow each other's angle to clink without delay, like he's really in your opposite. In addition, it can also serve at the same time.

    In two different places at the same time playing music, through the middle of the screen you can see the other side over there together.

    Moreover, through special effects props of the room, also could let the body in the thousands of miles away, let him or her blew out the candles on your side, this synchronization being able to meet all your needs.

    Apart from the screen between you two, you could hear the real voice, see each others face, you can also interact with each other.
    For example, a face tag appears on the screen, allowing you to instantly become a Santa Claus with gifts.

    Blessing words could appear on the screen, thoughtful and romantic.

    Lovers can ask the waiter help them take photos, just looks like you were eating together. Though separated by distance but both your hearts still together.