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    Amazing lightning nature landscape

    • Author:Sunny / Tank
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-06
    Ladies and gentlemen, good morning!

    I guess you must be miss the News Sunny reported! The New Goat Year shortly holiday of 2015 just passed,a little busy work, so I have not had time to update SeaArt news channel.

    First of all, I wish everyone in the new year, good health, career success, emotional sweet! Now, Take you go to enjoy the amazing lightning nature landscape in the New Year...

    Which is standing in the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, it held up metal arm to become the perfect lightning conductor

    This is an amateur photographer captured by a rainy night in San Francisco, eight lightning struck the beautiful Bay Bridge within 20 seconds

    The Americas sparse and desolate desert landscape is illuminated blue unique lightning storm at night 

    This amazing picture was taken by an amateur photographer to record the sadistic lightning over Paris. Photo shows the nature and man-made structures - a unique view of the Eiffel Tower encounter when presented

    This lightning storm over the Arizona ancient river shine, for the magnificent Grand Canyon adds more charm

    A lightning storm moved over from Greece after Ikaria, this recruitment ah recorded more than 70 lightning falling from a height of sight

    This unique atmospheric phenomena is called catarrhal Tombo lightning, this phenomenon occurs only in a special place in Venezuela: Catatumbo River and Maracaibo slope Hu Interchange

    Inter-cloud lightning is often seen as a flash of lightning, it will spread through the multi-channel bifurcation in the sky. This photo was taken in Gurnee, Illinois over the city

    Which is a rare and beautiful lightning, lightning is usually more powerful than the positive number of common negative lightning. Positive lightning is commonly referred to as "bolt from the blue", it appears in a thunderstorm a few miles outside the center of the sky. This photo was taken in the Bahamas.

    Thanks a gift of nature!

    Let us enjoy the gifts, but also hope that we can protect the global village we live.