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    America "embarrassed face cat" popular in the network

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-03-12

    Following the "uncomfortable" cat and  "OMG" cat, now an USA cat with a representative of splay eyebrow named Sam,  who became popular in the social network.

    This pair of black eyebrows made Sam look is always a face lovely embarrassed phase.

    Now Sam's Facebook page has 530,000 fans, 150,000 followers of Instagram account.

    This adorable cat has popular all over the world, from the America, Asia, Australia, Europe has to have its fans.

    Sam's owner,a 26 year old  New York  girl,  Amanda in the past three years, have to spend a lot of time to reply to every email fans. Amanda said it is sometimes delay, because no one ignored have not happy, she had to give up their time to reply and mapping.

    Sam was a stray cat, one evening her mother found it at the door and took it home.

    After Sam being popular, Amanda's mother also had suspected his eyebrows are dyed, but Sam's embarrassed face really is 100% pure natural.

    Said that cats have nine lives, but this cat apparently only one expression.

    Amanda said, she would consider the image of Sam commercial, may make T-shirts, mugs, let more people see and like this just adorable cat.

    After the popular American "uncomfortable cat",always with a pair of bad temper, bad mood expression.

    Another network red cat "OMG cat", it always looks like a startled look on her face

    "This is part of our meow star occupied the plan for earth, you stupid man on the earth......"