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    custom rhinestone transfers


    Are you selfie today?

    • Author:Pauline & Fred
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-07
    The first picture for mankind's in the history was appeared in 1839, the photographer is Robert Cornelius from USA. But  the camera is not universal, so people can't self play. Until 1900 Kodak company launched a cheap "box Brownie camera, the camera only" popularity among ordinary people.

    And now, the 19 year old Russian photographer Alexander Remnev, who is an extreme sports enthusiasts, keen challenge to free climb against the flesh without the use of safety facilities, climbed to the top of world big attractions or skyscrapers, and various hard type of photography.

    As a modern fashion city Dubai, that he has been very interested in it , so he and his friends went to Dubai for a holiday, and successfully climbing the world highest residential Dubai Princess top tower and some other many buildings, in the upper shoot the ultra wide angle from taking pictures of the stunning.

    At an altitude of 1350 feet shoot the ultra wide angle from taking pictures of the stunning, make us amazed.

    Here are some amazing selfie, let's have a look!