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    Awesome 10 home creative

    • Author:Rita
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-05-28
    Awesome 10 home creative

    1.Want to hang curtains, you do not really need to buy an electric drill to dig holes, a common hook can easy to get. 

    2. You must have a lot long time no wearing but reluctant to throw the necklace, use them to tie the curtains. It will make your home show charming bohemian temperament. 

    3.Some colored tape can make your hangers more beautiful, and classification is also clearer.

    4.Using an empty book shell to block a mess of things, not increased use of space but also style. 

    5.Writing it on the bulb will cast interesting and sweet shadows in your space. 

    6.Cheap and good using of the rope make your home fresh, natural and art. 

    7.Want your own color? You do not have to launch a campaign to paint the house, just deal with the details of the effect even better. 

    8.A little color in the details, such as the side of the drawer. 

    9.If you're still determined to re-paint the walls, remember to brush half. This will make your roof particularly high, and the room is particularly spacious. 

    10.Slim bookshelf easily take advantage of every corner.