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    Be young, be crazy (2)

    • Author:Fred
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2014-12-27

    Beijing Youth as a young-inspring TV paly, it describes several youths went through their young age again for searching the youth. when you stand on the end of the youth, you look back, then you found that girl who still be there but she did not meet with you. Waht a pity! It's not easy for everyone to give up the stable life, but search the wandering life just with courage and freedom. Just like the beijing youth who experinced their young age again. So we need to handle what we own and do what we want to do, just because we are still young. And we could be crazy, failling, for this is our power of youth.

    An old woman write down the words: if you did not have a tour, adventure or love, you just stay online and did what the old could do, Then you just waste your young age. Nowadays, many youngs become the homeboys and stay at home. They lost their youth with the time goes. Maybe one day they would regret with what they did, because our youth would be lost finally.

    There are so many friends who want to have a tour. They take a little money and pass througn the Yunnan, reach the lhasa, then walk around our country. They just craay out the words, I would travel all around the world if you give a luggage, Archimedes said. If you don't let your youth be depressing, then make it crazy. And you could get the wonderful adventure and the realization for the life. It is the huge wealth, isn't it?

    Xinyiwu once said, "go to hell for the lost youth, I trust the forever" in her new book named To Our Lost Youth. Let's be crazy, then not regret with our youth. Or keep a young mind and hold the enthusiasm for our life.