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    Beauty -Fashion Clothing-Bag-Luxury Heaven-Delicacy

    • Author:Sunny xia
    • Source:MiuMiu
    • Release on :2014-12-09
     LOTTE(Follow Miumiu visiting Seoul

     In Seoul,where a few days shopping day,compared to Myeong-dong,East Gate of the hustle and bustle,I prefer located in Songpa Lotte World,it is the joy of a new leisure Seoul landmark.Lotte Jamsil from the original store just opened soon wandered all the way to Lotte World Tower Famous Museum,found here in addition to the first-class shopping environment,the new shopping center feels more inclusive,international luxury brands from well-know brand in South Korea then each designer street signs,we think the brand has even here,think of the brand can frequently gain surprise.
     My favorite Lotte World is not only easy to buy things,eat too convenient.Feet get tired,just sit in a restaurant bites will not be disappointed,because here the introduction of a number of urban areas in Seoul's prestigious old stores,there are some distinctive food and beverage brands,such as the cafeteria and the Ausralian countryside lobster dishes,as well as authentic troops pot,a large variety of small food stores have ,not heavy like every meal at Lotte few days so we always take a look around and go eat at night do not feel tired,and some linger feeling,the original tour can also be a leisure pastime,Seoul Jamsil Station line2,you have to experience it!

      From the Lotte Department Store Jamsil,through an underground passage,you can reach just opened near Lotte World Tower.This includes a number of large regional shopping mall Rakuten,AVENUEL Famous Museum,duty-free shops,cinemas,supermarkets,Aquarium,is South Korea's largest,most first-class environment,with the largest international fashion brands stop shopping.

      On the third floor of the brand women like a collection of shops ELIDEN Gallery,showing this gorgeous and elegant ladies,casual shoes and retro temperament collision,sunglasses,bags and other accessories are also very unique.In a beautiful large cupboard,also found a favorite New York Clean brand The Laundress,visible ELIDEN recruit outstangding Romanian products involved in all aspects of women's lives,really care enough.

      And the 1988 Olympic Games in SeoulJamisil Lotte Department store of the same age,leaving some of our early memories of Korea,every time I go there,be sure to visit besides O2nd/obzee Korea and several other familiar brands,we also like to take advantage of shopping break time to be on the first floor of OPL nail,or go to the 4th floor VIP lounge Piling AVENUEL LONGE Sulwhasoo SPA Museum relax.
      We start shopping from Lotte World Tower Museum civilian first floor,there is a world of cosmetics and footwear,an array of categories, a single number from the counter flow of the crowd can be seen to Sulwhasoo led lacal well -know brands or most Korean women and tourists alike.
      H.Stern jewelry store on the second floor,we gain a favorite "shining"necklace, it is one of my favorite jewelry brand.
    DAN's wedding ,they sponsored the beautiful jewelry,so the details of that wedding more beautiful waw ash,many of my friends have been to see to ask this brand.
      Climb the stairs on the first floor of the international luxury brands opt for aggregation,and well-stocked.Shuttling between shops showcase device passing arty,people could not help but stop more Kanji Yan.
      After the fourth floor of the men's,the fifth floor of a modern fashion is all-inclusive.BY ET TOL,U-BOAT other brands have left a deep impression,and their style trends,fashion and fun display,representing the Republic of Korea at the forefront of popular culture,so we frequently gain surprise.
    LOTTE Delicacy
      Lotte World mall most people like is not only easy to love something to eat is also very convenient.Feel get tired,just sit in a restaurant bites will not be disappointed,we proposed village early in the morning for brunch dish bills renowned Australian chef operations,noon to eat Italian restaurant PECK,lobster night to Sounth Korea's largest seafood buffet restaurant VIKING'S WHARF enjoy.Of course,there are also introduced many in downtown Seoul prestigious old store,what troops pot large variety of Korean food has little,not heavy like every meal.