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    Beijing fashion capital of the 10th anniversary for the Night · love

    • Author:Fred
    • Source:SeaArt
    • Release on :2014-12-10
    This fashion show consists of a large number of Chinese elements,including "Blue and white", "Silk Road", "Red China". The main three chapters.
    And everytime I think about it, I would remember the fashionable style and the amazing design. With the Chinese design entering the world, the Chinese style has become more and more attactive. When the foreigners talk about the China, they have changed their mind. Just because our country has been strong and creative. 
    So this stage show the this kind of fashion style is not just show the beautiful apparel, but also show the Chinese style to all around the world.
    And I am sure that you would like it, pls let me show you the fashion.

    The chinese elements spread around the chapters:

    "Blue and white" mixed with the "Silk Road" of fresh, unique style

    Chinese red is showing a very good active effect 

    Fashion elements permeated into the fashionable dress

    Three chapters show

    "Silk Road" effect

    "Blue and white" effect

    At least we have known that the world is so wonderful and the creative is amazed for designing this kind of Chinese fashionable style. And pls pay attention to our development and it won't disappointed you.
    The fashional night, it also aired on China wind in the fashion show . Stylish and elegant, noble and popular. I hope you will keep the attention, thank you.