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    Best place for Christmas vacation --- Europe

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-12-17
    Vienna is the capital of Austria Vienna a romantic place, in addition to the famous New Year's concert, Christmas also holds a celebration show, Alt Wiener Weihnachtsmarkt can purchase local traditional food, Weikersdorf Castle also holds a New Year countdown.

    Stockholm, Sweden has the modern Christmas atmosphere, there is also a good choice for Christmas shopping, if you come here, don't forget to drink a cup of glogg!This is a very real winter holiday drinks.

    Strasbourg, lies in the north of France, has the world's oldest Christmas market, which was established in 1540, is worth you spend hours strolling, when you strolling in the market, don't forget to appreciate the biggest Christmas tree!

    Reykjavik is one of the coldest city in Europe, but its winter sport and natural hot springs attract many tourists. In addition, the annual Winter Lights Festival and characteristic cafes also is worth to you to go.

    Amsterdam in the Netherlands, in winter, Amsterdam museum did not have the surging crowds, national museum and Annie's home is a good place for reading from the cold.

    London, you may say, is there any interesting metropolis of London? In London because of too much fun, it worth to go several times and have a good experience, if not been to London during Christmas, it is better to experience festal atmosphere in London!

    Prague in the Czech republic snow-covered buildings spire, pebbles and winding streets, Prague everywhere filled with romantic style of fairy tales. In the set off of the gas lamps and winter wonderland, Prague, gothic architecture is breathtaking.One of the most attractive is the old city of turret and Romanesque dome.In addition, the old city of chocolate cafe is a good place for avoiding chill, comfort and delicious.Winter in Prague tourists scarce, suitable for the visit.

    Brussels is the capital of Belgium, which is famous for beer and chocolate, during the annual Christmas party, there will be a grand parade very festive, worth to visit!

    The most romantic place --- Paris has so many places of interest, when come to Europe you must stay in Paris? During Christmas, here will light up special Christmas lights, at the same time also has a super large outdoor Christmas tree.