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    CHANEL Dinner, you know those weird garment accessories in 90 seconds

    • Author:Aric
    • Source:SeaArt Garment Accessory News
    • Release on :2014-12-10

    CHANEL Dinner, you know those weird garment accessories in 90 seconds

    [Summary] December 2, 2014, Karl Lagerfeld Cologne in Liobodes castle for the stage, presented CHANEL Paris - Salzburg "Advanced Hand Workshop Series in addition to beautiful gorgeous feast court costumes, those. weird garment accessories you noticed?

    December 2 at 7:00 pm, the night quietly Salzburg befall a gloomy winter afternoon, misty fog, the adjacent castle Liobodes Cologne warm yellow flashing light, golden shadow casting On the sidewalk outside the castle, house, Karl shows us the new CHANEL a quarter of early autumn series. In addition to that a beautiful piece of handmade dresses, the same color of the garment accessories that are also attracted our attention.

    Ball head can ear?

    Yes, this two ball head wig weave hairstyle is not the so-called court, but CHANEL new generation of "ear weapon." With a lovely ball head when the ear is not only creative, but also the embodiment of Cute, "Chun Li", do not know if it it will lead the next wave of the season, swept the winter it?

    Vintage hat exaggerated enough

    Just a flat light jazz cap how this episode could afford with CHANEL Magnificent court dress it? Hat of course, also put in some effort. On a wide variety of feathered hat so that they are no longer ordinary, but each is accompanied by strong top retro atmosphere.

    Like general collar rhinestone necklace

    Necklace long paragraph in this CHANEL Advanced Hand Workshop series is no longer popular, and this generally like collar necklace was gorgeous retro popular. A variety of exquisite beautiful short necklace models were then let collar style is still full, bright unabated.

    Let lap full of flowers

    CHANEL camellia has been a symbol of, and this is open on camellias knitted stockings. Let CHANEL flower print stockings are full of flavor Sen female wind, full of fun.

    Lolita Shoes

    White Stockings with Lolita shoes, it seems the previous European princess who are so fond of wearing.

    [These brands also liked these strange weird fun garment accessories you have yet]

    Apart from CHANEL, these brands also love does not take the unusual way, and occasionally sell cute able fascinated a girl.


    Moschino Funny always liked, from the initial "McDonald's" series to this year's hot "Barbie" series, MOschino never gave up selling cute this road. In addition to the big hot bag outside, Moschino home phone shell is also a favorite of the influx of people, all kinds of strange shapes make phone shell you can sell a little sprout.


    Fendi fur ornaments cute introduced in recent years, so many girls insane to spend thousands to buy a keychain ocean home. But they do sprout too cute, and each girl has a heart of the influx of people, how can I not fall in love with it?

    3.Charlotte Olympia

    From the first pair of shoes cat turned out to now, has been walking Funny Charlotte Olympia shoes sell cute line, but she also did blaze a trail, Who she has every pair of high heels are adorable and sexy it?