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    Christmas is coming--10 great idea help you decorate!

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-12-07
    Christmas is coming--10 great idea help you decorate!

    Everybody aware that Christmas is coming, but how to decorate you house for this fabulous holiday might be a headache to many housekeepers. Don’t worry! Today we release some good idea to help.

    No. 1: No place to put the big Christmas tree? Better to find some pines put into the vase! Then decorate with your favorite trinkets, compared to the traditional Christmas tree, a mini version seems more daintiness, also save a lots of cost.

    No. 2: On holiday meal table, candles are essential. Flickering candles fire not only bring warm and comfortable feeling, but the atmosphere of holiday also showed. Therefore, choose several candles, put them in a plate, decorate with some flowers and ornaments, then is perfect!

    No. 3: Who says only flowers could decorate the table, choose several good looking bright colors fruits on the table, could be great!

    No. 4: Another topic about candles and easy to learn, only need the help of some green leaves and a ribbon, then the boring white candle would be charming great treasure.

    No.5: If your house don’t have extra place to put decorations, a pretty ribbon could help! Tie the ribbon into a bow, where as you like. You can put a bow tie on a vase, it can also make a huge bow hanging on the door. Yes, a few cents of the ribbon can make your house looks sweet!

    No. 6: Choose one of your favorite fruits or items, and then paint them with your favorite color or figure. DIY your own unique adornment.

    No. 7: Sometimes, decorating also need to break the traditional thinking. Like setting the table, besides to put a vase filled with flowers, ornamental branches, or exaggerated large candelabra will look fabulous.

    No. 8: Whenever I see pine cones,always remind me Christmas. Of course, if your family had no Christmas tree, you could use a string strung them together and hung on curtain rods or door frame. I hope you like this "surprise."

    No. 9: Who says Christmas must have a tree? Find some pine, regroup them look like an arch. Although it’s relatively large project, but once put it home, you will not be disappointed.

    No. 10: Somebody might think cinnamon is only use for cooking, but designer could use it make  a creative candlestick. Find a candle along the surface use cinnamon wrapped it up and find a rope to secure them together, then there is a great ornament!