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    six most style skirt in the Classic Movies (b)

    • Author:Tank
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-05-13
        The real romantic movie, than dance plot orgasm. Compared to more languages,Dance Let the movie theme and story have been sublimated. That dance, that one dress, and some intense despair, some warm and cheerful, with the combination of fashion and emotion, fashion and film, let us once again enjoy those movies in the fashion rhythm.


        World class classical blockbuster "Titanic" carries almost a generation of memories, but in this film, there are too many memorable scenes, in addition to embracing the deck, cabin sketch paintings, as well as Kate Deborah Lynn Scott Early Winslet tapered body design of the 20th century classical British style and Kate for the first time in the cabin of the free dance "An Irish Party in Third Class".

        By the influence of Victorian clothing, Edwardian-style Rose in dress holding a waist, short-sleeved, high waist skirt features. Where her square neckline, embroidered crepe dress with a red background with Jack period can not be considered a formal dance, it is particularly lovely. Missy error into the bottom area of ​​the workers, to which a simple and sexy dresses to conquer the presence of men.

    An American in Paris

        50 years of the last century can be said that the real history of cinema, "peacefulness" of the era, a lot of music and film has become the darling of the big screen and Broadway. Where "An American in Paris" is a pioneer of this era works. Gene Kelly starred in the film of the second year, to complete the masterpieces of the history of musicals - "Singing in the Rain."

        Costume designer Orry-Kelly, Irene Sharaff although subsequently produced include "Some like it hot" and "Les Girls" in those sexy Marilyn Monroe classic Broadway-style costumes, but at this time of the dance They will pleated skirt New Look after the Second World War with all kinds of style tunic and resort style straw hat, the Parisian and American leisure color preference fusion, to create the shape of the first film in the history of dance.

    To be continued