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    Cocktail Happy Hour

    • Author:Sunny / Tank
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-24
    Saturday, what a wonderful day!

    There are numerous species of civilization created myriad captivating beverage, but the most exotic and most of the night and change the life of an adult, it seems that on this earth cocktail. Cocktails are the best adult placebo over a cup reconcile spirits, you can swallow the genuineness of the whole adult world, and it is all possible in this world of laughter and tears.

    The best choice for dance music, but the sound is not too big, not too strong rhythm, otherwise, it will not bother to talk to other guests.

    Appetizer sure to species diversity, including beef, chicken and vegetables, etc., to meet the needs of the different tastes of the guests. Cocktail parties generally do not have a knife and fork, so the size of the food to be just to eat a mouthful, but can not have juice, not sticky. Waiters carrying plates filled with appetizers shuttle among the guests, ready to drink and food needs of the guests gave it to them. Wine is the most important, including a variety of different standards of vodka, dry white wine and martinis. All wines are not too expensive, just interesting and unique on it. For those who do not drink, you can prepare for them some fresh juice, must take into account all these details, so as not drinking guests complain.


    Because there is no dinner cocktail party, so be prepared for a large number of guests of the wedding cake, rich chocolate cake is the best option. Dark chocolate cake, color, slightly dim, put some butter cookies around, you can make the picture more beautiful. Recommend prepare some chocolate and fruit tarts, to prevent some guests lingered after eating the cake. 


    Beautiful picture
    A beautiful metal bar, is the center of the scene. Gorgeous cocktail Jiuzun, purple and amber glass, gold coasters, trays and bronze mother of pearl leaf wallpaper, all of these together to create a sexy, luxurious scene. 


    Cocktail parties can not only save you a lot of trouble, but it will save a lot of overhead.
    Due to a relatively liberal cocktail party belongs relaxed cocktail dress to attend the meeting in terms of those who do not pay attention too much, as long as they wear uniforms to it.