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    Colorful New Year --2015 new collection

    • Author:tank / sunny
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-04

    With the advance of time, another of the calendar thrown in the trash. In the spring and summer fashion trends of 2015, the brightest brands grasp the spring festivity, have to make a fuss in the fashion, they use their own fashion clothing to decorate girl as flower. Brilliant colors, artistic blooming, knocked palette posture, in 2015, starting the year give you some nice color.

    Chanel:The color of feminist

    Chanel 2015 spring and summer series, Karl Lagerfeld will be enlarged to feminism in the form of fashion. Gaudy bold dazzling watercolor prints everywhere. Loose silhouette echoes the rise of feminism in the seventies of the last century. By the 21st century, women certainly do not have to rely on someone, brilliant color as fireworks blooming told the world that woman worth eye-catching.

    Moschino: Women love Barbie

      As we all know, Inspiration of  Moschino 2015 spring series comes from Barbie dolls, those models dress up beautiful pink color are stuck in a fairy tale. Of course, in 2015 as the start of fairy tales, candy-like fashion through the lead off this "obscenity" is not necessarily a bad thing.

    Burberry: Literary Women love color

    In a ballad turmoil, Burberry Prorsum from the inside reveal dramas. Sky blue, grass green, lemon yellow, lavender and other colors blend with graffiti paintings, spiral-cut organza wrap dress, light in telling the literary woman "lustful feelings"!

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