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    "Dark" flow surge in Paris Fashion Week

    • Author:Tank
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-04-07

        Paris Fashion Week makes the fashion gienus appear, it is enough to imagine the 2015 autumn and winter will be how beautiful downtown. However, this is also another bright CLS under an "dark" flow surge, black holes in general it seems that even light can not shine in.

        Dark tone has always been a major winter colors, especially black is the brightest designers love of my heart. This year is not even always love rainbow gorgeous ElieSaab are attracted to black, launched several black dresses, jackets; Lanvin launch complex system of natural and ultimately all-black set of lines; Yohji Yamamoto more extreme, the whole show almost exclusively This same color, but it makes the eyes triumphant light, it is forced to admire, even if Paris dark, it will not be a tedious, just the color, you can use is clearly too hierarchical, it is reaching China Ink "Ink minute multicolored" the highest level!

        Site occupied a large area of ​​black clothing fashion, history is much shorter than many other colors. In France After the Revolution, especially in the mid-19th century bourgeois taste of men's suits for future mainstream clothing, black was put on temperance, morality, etc. efforts colors become mainstream men's colors. And black women is even more popular in the evening, after the real from Chanel's little black dress, turned out to be considered one black become the darling of fashion. Black has since been applied was the most fully, and became the only way to cast a classic, really be considered "occult, all the wonderful door" ah!