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    Did you wear right in the wedding?

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-06-02
    Cool summer it is a good time to tie the knot, I do not know whether you are holding an invitation to start a wonderful blessing trip. Faced with various forms of wedding, would you like a good dress? Different wedding style has different requirements.

    Outdoor garden wedding ceremony
    Outdoor garden theme wedding, it would be more fantastic, the choice of dress when you can also close to the wedding theme, choose green chiffon skirt, embroidered flowers and would like to echo the wedding scene!

    Seaside wedding ceremony

    Seaside wedding relative romantic and casual, this time elegant dress is the best choice, in line with the theme of cool and comfortable, on the beach is not easy to wear formal high-heeled shoes, then caught the toe sandals is very good choice, this look extremely comfortable!
    Indoor hotel-style wedding

    Indoor hotel-style wedding will be relatively few formal and traditional, will require guests to wear more dignified and decent, but not too fancy, after all, can not grab the bride's thunder Well, this time a dark suit is a very good match , plus a pair of solid color high-heeled shoes, will be very consistent with the tone of the wedding. Remember that color can not choose red and pink!

    Suburban outdoor wedding

    Suburb outdoor wedding will be more pastoral style, so the dress requirements are not too much, just enough beautiful and comfortable. Striped dress, open-toed high-heeled sandals very good!

    Vineyard wedding 

    Vineyard wedding think about the romantic good? This romance is different from the seaside, but is more close to life and more life, a romantic, but also a positive attitude for young people to live a positive attitude. So the more you wear the more sunlight the better life, have a young positive and optimistic state of mind is the most important. One with a bright hit the color on the bag along with a pair of cool sunglasses on the site wanton young happiness.

    So keep up the theme of the wedding outfit wedding are fit, not chaos wear. Fast comb invitations intentions with them now, chances are your Mr right out there waiting How about you!