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    Dominate the Red Carpet Fan Bingbing’s ten most beautiful moment

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-05-08
    Introduction: In 2015 Met Ball, the strongest in the history of the Legion China star struck, the whole Forbidden City are draped over Fan Bingbing’s body, was named one of the best red carpet dress Met Ball. As a regular International Film Festival red carpet, Fan Bingbing has always been a fashion queen, leaving many amazing moments on the red carpet. So today we went together to enjoy the most beautiful look.

    As the Queen of the red carpet, Fan Bingbing give everyone surprised in every time. The Met Bal, is called "the fashion Oswald", plus the super star Chinese legion, but the Fan Bingbing want to show herself, "the Forbidden City" are draped over the body, not only highlight the theme, and show the charm of domineering, shine on the red carpet. Let enjoy Fan Bingbing’s the best red carpet moment.

    At the Cannes Film Festival, Fan Bingbing dressed in robes shocked the audience, the queen was born, this dress can be said to be the most perfect China style design, only Fan can easily control the aura of the actress, also seen Fan Bingbing wanted to dominate the ambitions of the red carpet.

    This piece of porcelain doll, by the appearance of a mixed, but also can be called a classic in the history of the Fan Bingbing red carpet dress, super skirt, and the Tang Dynasty ladies decoration, retro hairstyle, let Fan Bingbing become the most eye-catching star on the red carpet.

    Fan Bingbing walked up the fairy route but that there are a lot of red carpet style, capture an enemy easily, is the choice of lace dress, such as the yellow, tender body, lovely, very young girl style, hair up, more prominent romantic atmosphere.

    Vintage style shoulder dress skirt, dye color, like a painting like feeling, spinning material, wear beautiful fairies, Fan Bingbing goddess really carry the world before one route.

    A red strapless gown skirt, a gas field, low cut show business lines, very simple curly hair shawl, not only highlights Fan Bingbing's sexy, but also show the charming woman.

    The gradient purple strapless gown skirt, skirt with feather design, exquisite style, elegant yet fresh sense of purple, full of fantasy and romantic atmosphere

    Nude dress is Fan Bingbing style red carpet essential style, fresh and elegant nude, highlighting the gentle woman, deep V collar, stone decoration, light chiffon fabric, wearing beautiful and moving. 

    Tender green dress, only Fan Bingbing so white skin can easily manage such fresh color, gentle girlish dress, wearing fresh sense, it is the goddess.