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    Emma Watson<Books on the Underground>

    • Author:candy
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-11-24
    In addition to Emma Watson,and what beautiful star love reading it? 

    Just two or three weeks ago, Emma Watson started "collection of war" a time of fire from London to New York, and had come to Chinese. In fact, it originated in London, Books on the Underground charity organization, every week they will release 150 books in the subway, people enjoy reading for commuting fun, and this activity is established in the year by the Elmar women's rights in the reading will be jointly sponsored by the organization.

    Graduated from Ivy League and keen on public welfare Emma, naturally become the best spokesperson.

    She brought Maya Angelou <Mom & Me & Mom> for busy friends, but also playfully make silences.

    Get the book of the lucky ones who opened the book, it is a surprise Emma goddess be caught off guard, also attached a letter from hand writing!

    Because this activity is too hot, it was almost wholly intact copy to China, but the actual effect is not too ideal.

    This subway morning rush photos can explain a lot of problems. I believe in the first-tier cities struggling young people deep, sometimes even settled all the difficulties, not to mention a void of this book.

    While the London subway mostly this scene, the subway reading has become a normal life, the public welfare activities for the very nature of the local. 

    The Chinese "Lost Book War" but only to bring Emma boom, when the limelight is over, those lonely books may soon see the sight.

    Reading is not a phenomenon, but to become a habit, Books On The Underground not because there is no star endorsement easily terminate this activity. Here, 21 hours before they have updated their Ins. 

    In addition to Emma, there are many star models have maintained a perennial reading habits, more than your beautiful people not only reflected in the face oh ~


    Emma Roberts

    Also is a beautiful girl called Emma, not only will be wearing clothes, but also love to read books. Recently she is reading the book is from Chloe Caldwell <I'll Tell You in Person>.

    Wearing a black dress to go to the bookstore like elegance.

    Sit in the sun and enjoy a person's time.

    Walk on the street and don't forget to take the book.


                   Tom Hiddleston

    Although Tom with Taylor had an affair, lost the "stop eating cooked food" attraction, but we still have to admit that this is a high IQ and long legs like Yan men of God.