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    Fan Bingbing with Valentino clothing in the years

    • Author:Aric
    • Source:Seaart Rhinestone Designs News
    • Release on :2014-12-07

    Bingbing Fan with Valentino

    2014-12-07 Seaart Rhinestone Designs News

    Bingbing Fan, not sure how many men goddess in their hearts, alo many women is unattainable her peaks. Her casually wearing can be rolled up into a strong trend in the world.
    Valentino should be one of the brand's Bingbing Fan loves, whether she is active or attend red carpet style, we often see her wearing Valentino. So
    , let us talk a bit about these clothing weared by Bing bing Fan as a fashion trend.

    2011 Fan Bingbing appeared Valentino 2011 Winter Women's show, dressed in Valentino 2011 early autumn series fresh and romantic red dress. Meanwhile Fan Bingbing also chose a red wig and red frame glasses to have a perfect shape. Although that red wig and glasses and looks somewhat unsuitable, but it seems like the red dress more casual than the dresses, then naturally vulnerable to be an explosion model.

    In 2012, Fan Bingbing weared the hollow water blue Valentino dress & an elegant camel coat gorgeous debut in Shenzhen.attended the event. This wear makes aqua blue openwork lace dress immediately became in 2013 the key color. This water blue color now still. 

    Fan Bingbin, seems to love all kinds of lace, enough to see the girl's mind she looks under the goddess. In 2012 she participated in the film conference, dressed in this red lace Valentino dress against Fan Bingbin face flushed, this delicate lace indeed fire a few years, even in early spring next year there will still be such series are lace dress .

    Valentino store in 2012 to attend the opening ceremony, Fan Bingbing dressed in embroidered chiffon embroidered dress appeared, smiling sweetly. Improved models of this dress (more suitable for everyday) was also swept the network, a variety of different models abound.

    2012 goddess wearing cosmetics brands attended high set print dress Valentino2012 spring when the 15th anniversary party, fairy full range of angel. Such large-print dress is definitely a popular trend in the year!

    Fan Bingbing in Beijing to attend the 2013 film release, a pink lace Valentino dress, against the background of the whole person lovely pink, cute. But how it all a little strong build, but this dress is already into the explosion models sell online, but also fashion bloggers poisonous tongue: "How to mix into Taobao Valentino original single."

    Goddess certainly has more dresses like a big fashion, especially as this always Bingbing goddess dressing, her big fashion dresses make people to see dazzling. 2013, Fan Bingbing wearing skirts appeared Guiyang Valentino2013 summer series, a real estate activities. Small fresh retro nude color lace skirt, loosely ponytail more gentle and casual, but also above the black eyelash lace pattern continues today in the fashion element.

    2013, Fan Ye, wearing this jumpsuit long skirt flowers soft lines sketched out, against a fair complexion. Dignified atmosphere. This fresh and beautiful flowers type of one-piece dress, but all the rage at the time.

    2014 Fan Bingbing dressed in fringed leather skirt Valentino2014 winter series debut, happily turn back from the front of the circle, and the tassels on the skirt also with the potential spread, lady full range of children. But this piece of leather fringed skirt on the persenality field is relatively high, probably not casually be able to become the online explosion models.

    2014 "Goddess" Fan Bingbing as guests participated in the recording of a variety show in the second quarter, dressed in Valentino 2014 autumn and winter clothing, youthful glow. This Pope is very eye-catching prints and full of tension, bright pink dots arranged Chende sweet goddess, black tights especially to extend the leg line was thin role. Is not it also set off a burst of vitality and fashion?