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    custom rhinestone transfers


    Fashion dress in the senior restaurant

    • Author:Fred
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-04-01
    Custom Rhinestone Transfers & Designs, Wholesale Rhinestone Transfers

    The classic tweed season was decorated with mosaic floor patterns, this season shows Lafayette wonderful creativity. H-type three-dimensional silhouette and neckline Butterfly Tough knot pies, also can wear cool dresses. Down the side pocket, breaking the original proportions, 20-30 years of the last century, slender impression at the moment is reduced.

    Timeless black and white, on the waiter's bow tie, the ruffle edge on the cuffs. A dress is decorated with romantic vintage white frills, tough three-dimensional profile of the H-shaped with a large bow neckline to neutralize. In this exclusive restaurant waiter met, it will be a wonderful Paris Adventures! 

    Waist, high waist, or waist! Pushed the waist, the perfect ratio of. Karl retain the traditional H-shaped profile, with only a belt to enhance the waist, the waist is not subject to French design but more and more casual, and perhaps this is the secret of French fashion - simple, the atmosphere, without excess Accessories, A simple belt can be perfected.

    Unique tweed, three-dimensional cut, trim and exquisite handmade buttons, classic or classic Chanel jacket senior still. Knee-length skirt, pink camel to join, so this legendary new youthful glow.

    With a point favorite is this "New Look" style long paragraph down coat, with the classic chain bag and TWO TONE tone shoes, CHANEL Girl It should be so out of the street.

    Holiday leisure and comfort through the open-style coat with plaid suit presented by large lapel resembles the warmth of her boyfriend care, while Slim retro curves and Plaid embellishment, tell the world that sometimes turn the clock backwards back, winning not only the There are no wrinkles in the face of fashion culture classic.

    Fluctuations in the folds of the skirt to provoke people's attention. Apron-style design, or simply put in the apron pants, comfortable with sex - Chanel this season to create a part of Working Girl Fashion.

    3D stereo decorate a small area is not enough, Karl the Great, simply use them to decorate the entire jacket. Children full of spirit gas short jacket, flower shape bag hip skirt and long coat, jacket will play out origami style, innocence is not visible Lafayette sleep, next winter, CHANEL trend line could go up!