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    Friends congratulates Mr. Tiger safty after heavy car accident

    • Author:ARIC
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2014-12-14
    December 13 evening 6:30, Shenzhen Nanshan Group of Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce members arriving Shekou a restaurant, to celebrate a Mr. Tigher's safty after a heavy car accident. In Oct, Mr.Tiger drived his families on the highway back to shenzhen, but unfortunately another car drived crazy and crashed with their car. Instantly the other car driver is dead. Mr Tiger and his familes are seriously injured. All of them went to hospital. A few days, Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce heard the news, quickly organized membership donations, two days tens of thousands of donations in place for Mr.Tigher,Seaart is also one of the donations. Whatever we donated is to express our love to our friend.Whatever how much it is, it is important that the Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce platform embodies friendship between brothers and sisters. Mr. Tiger and his families finally went back safety after 2monthes in hospital.To express gratitude, specially prepared for the banquet. Nanshan Group of shenzhen Chamber of Commerce also took the opportunity to once again come together, talk about friendship, communicate with each other. During the meeting, another member Xiaohu from Xiamen to the Friends of the reception, talk and share their learning experience factory, Shenzhen Chamber of commerce was highly recognized, so that we feel the charm of this platform again.Seaart as one of them, in this sense the warmth, harmony and harmony between members.

    The following is the moment we solidified laughter, beautiful life, friendship forever.

    Finally, always be reluctant respectively, only this picture will record the eternal moment.

                                                            Good life

    Nanshan Group Leader Kunpeng and Xiaohu from Xiamen meet happily

    Nanshan Group attractive women

    I really like the two brothers, one with a foot injury, one with a hand injury, still come here, Nanshan group would be more exciting.