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    Gianna Jun 19 years are the same the supermodel!

    • Author:candy
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-11-24
    Whether in the film "My Sassy Girl", or "you come from the stars", a little Gianna Jun really didn't change! From 1997 to model debut until now for 19 years, but still maintained the original supermodel, really rare! From the savage girl promotion goddess hot mom, Gianna Jun the supermodel! 

    By Gianna Jun, starring Lee Min Ho "the legend of the blue sea > is hit, it is said that the start won the premiere ratings winner, Lee Min Ho and Gianna Jun of the visible power!

    Gianna Jun proved the strength of age is really just a meaningless number! In the new blue ocean legend < >, every picture, every expression, every action, every frame of the video the United States can cry you complete character appeared, no pressure. What is the secret of what like, let a "married" woman can easily control comparable to 18 year old pure mermaid? The answer is fitness!

    The entertainment actress, 80% will go to the gym, some really want to stay young, sexy body! Because with the increase of age, the body's immune system, such as The new supersedes the old. slowly decline, the skin will sag slowly, so only exercise shaping, can keep fit, let yourself stay young forever state.