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    Goddess Gisele Bündchen to return to the show in the Rio Olympic Games opening ceremony

    • Author:candy
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-08-18
    Rio Olympics opening ceremony we saw the figure of Gisele Bündchen. Your goddess Gisele Bündchen to return to the show!

    See the title, presumably countless fans estimation has been boiling! Yes, your goddess Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen comeback "Catwalk" to! Since last year Sao Paulo Fashion Week Spring Gisele announced its withdrawal from the circle model, bid farewell to the T stage, this is the first time out now the sight of people to return to prostitution. But the goddess preaches is indeed leave the circle model, but the catwalk is true!

    Rio Olympics opening ceremony we saw the figure of Gisele Bündchen, body Supermodel of the Brazilian national treasure, to the motherland once again boarded the Olympic Games will the opening ceremony of the stage, once again caused by world class cheered and boiling.

    In the Rio Olympics opening 《The Girl From Ipanema music, Gisele goddess from the stage slowly out of the. Wearing a long sequined dress Gisele fantastic, we again see close to perfect supermodel figure. With super dream blue and purple light and a projector effect, fairy estimates of the effect of also at this point.

    The opening ceremony, goddess Gisele noble elegant, aura is too strong! Hold the coconut drink Gisele is nifty and lovely, full of funny! The facing the world show beautiful skirt from Brazilian designer Alexandre herchcovitch,bling bling effect with lights, Shimei cry a piece!

    With the movement of love has long been met finally into the family!
    To talk about the relationship between the goddess and a sport event, it was the Brazilian World Cup not shallow fate.2014. She and defending champion Spain's Carles Puyol with the filled with the world cup of Louis Vuitton luggage escort approach, for the handover ceremony. Day goddess wearing a Louis Vuitton resort 2015 series small Huaqun, down the runway, the goddess or so gentle elegant atmosphere.

    In addition, goddess Gisele or families of the athletes, 2009, Gisele and football player Tom Brady married, later goddess promotion freaky, gave birth to two children, a male a female, is really a winner in life. Said to her husband, Tom, this is a positive upward characters. Last year led the Patriots in the fourth to win the super bowl, the individual also third became the MVP, as the world's sexiest man list has his. The pair is also on board.