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    Great colors for your wedding!

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-11-30
    Great colors for your wedding!

    Marriage is a life event, so the wedding also be valued as very important thing, for it would be accompanied you for a life time’s romantic memories. Choose a right main color of you wedding become a indispensable part.

    Radiant Orchid:

    Fresh and soft, gentle and charming Radiant Orchid comes from the color of orchid in the nature, beautiful moving but also strong. At the wedding, use radiant orchid match with mauve mist, mix with different shades of the colors, surely will have a great unexpected results.

    Misted Yellow:
    Since ancient times, yellow is the color represent China imperial family. Misted Yellow full of vigor and vitality bring the dull Autumn brightsome atmosphere, also make your wedding even more warm and sweet.

    Stylish and elegant Sangriae, in subtle with elegant. Especially sangriae bridesmaid dress, assisted the beautiful bride and still eyes catching.

    Mauve Mist:
    If you want a beautiful but low key wedding like radiant orchid, then mauve mist is the best choice for you. Warm and elegant colors, fit in any season, always makes your wedding look fresh and natural.

    Aurora Red:
    Red is Chinese’s favorite color, a symbol of good luck. Warm and bright aurora red wedding destined to be a notable color. Red as the main color, it makes the whole wedding looks more romantic and joyous.