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    Lace can not just easily wear out!

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-08-14
    Lace can not just easily wear out!

    Many people only noticed how sexy lace it is, always think as long as you want sexy, it would solve all the problem, this wrong! In fact, lace really can not just simply wear out!

    Recently, a program called "goddess's clothes", we see a lot of designers use lace as a creative material, these ideas are excellent, but!  Can your lace textures been better? Lace has its own unique production process cumbersome, the emphasis is on the fine weaving and perspective of beauty, sexy also mystery.

    Lace fabric

    But if you do not pay attention, just wear whatever the texture of the lace out, I can ensure you that would be a great disaster! And you need to pay more attention on collocation of lace,the easiestis way is remember this, less is more.

    Zimmermann2015 Spring Series

    Zimmermann's lace tells us, the collocation of color is the most important thing. Next is never use cheap lace set in your body. And finally, Zimmermann tells us actually lace can be more than sexy, but also can be extremely fashion by tailoring and silhouette.

    Valentino2015 Spring Series

    Valentino's lace tells us that advanced lace can shore up as a evening dress from the cutting, printing and hand-sew on, which can reflect the difference at senior lace. If you want to wear lace texture dress, it demanding highly on the body, this point should have the self-knowledge.

    There's not need to over the body all with lace, and some elements of lace design will be used on a small part, bras or clothes or dress as a small decorations, which allows us to bring mystical feel with fun lace .

    Have a look at how they wear lace