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    Love life,Love the modern concept of Moscow restaurant

    • Author:Sunny / tank
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-12
    Seaart News Channel,which ushered in a new week!
    Design, make our life more rich and more interesting. Moscow has a super-modern concept design of the restaurant, I hope you will enjoy it.
    I don't understand art, but for the style of this restaurant is very like

    S color of stair design, whether to let you return to childhood

    Are the flowers blazing spirit touched you?

    Is the first time I see such a bold pendant lamp design

    Like haven't finished work of art

    See this bar, I was drunk

    Be careful, collapse

    Oh, no, my Marilyn Monroe

    Would want to sit ...

    Restaurant chefs are hard for you to create surprises

    So modern design, how can less music too!

    You fell in love with it yet?

    Fall in love, only a moment ...

    Love life, love the seaArt, Moscow's modern concept restaurant taste ...