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    custom rhinestone transfers
    custom rhinestone transfers


    Lovely Day

    • Author:kaven
    • Release on :2017-04-17
    This week, I went to visit my friends from India with a couple of  my colleagues.
    These friends were very smart and handsome . It was a great honor for me to met my four lovely clients. My other two  colleagues (one of whom was took for the picture) were became my personal bodyguard and escorted us all the way back to the company.

    As to why they were so happy to do it? I certainly because our family was very friendly~
    I really like this lovely family of Seaart,The people here were very friendly and facetious.
    Were you interested in rhinestone or rhinestone transfer?
    I thought you can know more about our company,The manufacture of rhinestone and rhinestone transfer in china.

    2pm.Afternoon,we met in the beautiful coastal city.We talked about delicious food,weather and sports.That is a nice day.Then we went back to our company.

    They were very interested in our new design and products.
    As far as we know that they have their own factories. This was their first visit to China .
    I hope we could have more opportunities for cooperation in the future..

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