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    custom rhinestone transfers


    Master fashion trends and make you the fashion bride

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-29
    Here is Seaart rhinestone transfer Fashion news channels! About the trends of the wedding dress, do you have any ideas? And after you see it , will you think add some rhinestones, it will be more charming and beautiful? Let me show you the seven trends!

    Keywords  one:  coat 

    The wedding dress match coat, will be a highlight of 2015 wedding trends. The wedding dress expose one's chest and back had the aesthetic fatigue, for comparison of the pursuit of new bride who may wish to try to match the coat and dress, will let a person shine at the moment. 

    Keywords two: deep V 

    Deep V dress can be girl posture make exquisite, partly hidden and partly visible display of women's line of work, draw the outline of a woman soft waist, release the thick feminine, even pure girl dressed in deep V dress, will instantly improve sexy and charming. 

    Keywords three: feather decoration 

    In the 2015 ‘s new wedding dress, wedding dress feather exquisite wonderful show, thin feathers, applied to the skirt and hem, and traditional fabrics collocation, mixed together, it will perfectly gorgeous and sexy, unique balance. Whether exaggerated or low-key style, feathers will play more and more important role in this season. 

    Keywords four: Hubble sleeve, scallops sleeveless 

    This season the Lotus leaf shaped pendant folds like unfinished works, large area spread fold in level richer personality, and natural messy fold is particularly quiet in contrast to the gorgeous dress skirt. 

    Keywords five : turtle neck 

    The high collar is no longer synonymous with retro elegant, warm, sweet and charming; designers have to this element into the new season in the wedding.

    Keywords six: trousers 

    If you habitually think of wedding dress is dress skirt you are too out, in 2015 wedding dress pants really impressed us. Trousers wedding let you in the sexy mellow in more capable personality, innovative. Are  you want to try?