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    Meet see countless seductive small meat (young) men's week

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-10
    London men's week, means we are entry into the new trend of men's clothing in winter in 2015, of course, in addition to these beautiful clothes, and what can we see? 

    1. The star

    The men's fashion week in London, imagine the youth beauty Chen Xuedong appeared in the streets of London, what a beautiful picture will be!  Hurry up or attention seen.
    2. Fashion show


    Alexander McQueen


    London men's week is different with Milan and Paris, experimentally gives full play to the fashion avant-garde, J.W. Anderson men and women to wear the way, and broke through the traditional fashion using the sexual division pattern. Alexander McQueen bizarre, can always through the cool stamp and tailoring embodies, of course, when it comes to London men's week, the most remarkable is the Burberry Prorsum, in Christopher Bailey success of the CEO, in order to meet the market demand to carry out technical to do show, and not exaggerated, both artistic and commercial leisure fashion, London is the anticipation. 

    3. The small meat (Young man)

    Arthur Gosse and Benjamin Jarvis

    Edward James Wilding and Benjamin Eidem

    Mariano Ontanon and Bo Develius

    See meat! Yes, to alleviate insomnia brought migraines, occasionally have a look these don't decent clothes the men also repose. Although these legs in handsome in this life can not appear in your "boudoir", but who can prevent them lined up in the dream! 

    4.Fashion show background

    Fashion show background although is not the average person can go in, but such a scene can pry from some photo exposure. Play mobile phone, eating to supplement the energy, and friends talk cheerfully and humorously, is the background of the old tricks. But can you think of the weather, get dressed. I have no background staff, just want to find the path can sneak in a feast for the eyes. 

    5. Look at the scenery! 

    London has many beautiful and profound scenery. For example, every Burberry do show Kensington Gardens Park, as one of the "Imperial Garden" of the royal family, until the middle of the nineteenth Century was open to the general public. Kensington Gardens indoor as a special place of Burberry, is like a big greenhouse, a British classical decoration and transparent glass skylight. After watching the show took your lover for a walk, Is it right? It is excellent!

    This is from SeaArt, if you want to know about our trendskeep your eyes on here.