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    New Canadian circus fashion show at Parkview green grand rehearsal

    • Author:candy
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-09-14
    New Canadian circus fashion show at Parkview green grand rehearsal! The world's most popular and most contemporary fashion collide wonderful feast!

    The high-profile Canada Malaysia metropolitan Beijing Railway Station essence version first special pre show of Parkview green. As the world's most popular and the most fashionable performance form, metropolitan brings a wonderful visual feast to the audience.

    Metropolitan by the Canadian National Theatre Workshop in a circus - glare is a fusion of the original, music, dance, drama and circus arts of fashion cool show. As the world famous circus troupe circus workshop glare in more than and 40 countries around the world has left a footprint, not only is one of many famous international the festival is a frequent guest, Broadway and West London. The performance of the "metropolitan", tells the story of a office staff involved in a circus, acrobatics and drama stage, traveling in a lonely city factory, through his imagination and others to establish a real emotional contact story.

    New circus + fashion + show! This is Location of Metropolitan Art, poetry, love, freedom, the future of these elements and circus props reached a perfect combination of art and technology. With the continuous transformation of the scene, the audience also like in the story, and this is a subversion of the traditional concept of art innovation the form of the infection, the audience marveled at the metropolitan performer fashion and unique performance, the scene has been in a lively and happy atmosphere.

    Both art and fashion taste of grass has been committed to the promotion of a culture of innovation, looking forward to the pluralistic cultural experience and the latest fashion share for every person who loves life, let you find more beautiful. The grass is invited to the top performing teams, showing the unique style of a fashion show for the audience. The form and innovation the traditional culture blend, visually stunning and brings inner delicate appreciation, let you find a better life in the grass.