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    New Year travel

    • Author:dove
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2014-12-30
    Huangshan       to overlook the first ray of sunshine
        The winter of  Huangshan is  the most wonderful season to travel . Do you remember the 2014 New Year's Day ?  CCTV broadcast the beautiful scenery of huangshang moutain's   first ray of sunshine ,which obtained  many people praise. Do you want  to see  this beautiful scenery ? Why not come to Huangshan by yourself? After raining, there are often a large amount of ​​spectacular clouds accompanied by the first rays of the morning sun.How beautiful it is!

    Beijing    to listen the bell ring of New Year's Eve  
       If you listen to the bell ring,you will feel little anxity and more wisdom . Since  the tradition of ringing in the New Year Eve were restored in 1980s, it's becoming more and more popular . When  thousands of people get together around the clock and count down ,they  bless each other and give the best wishest in the new year.

    Jilin  to appreciate the rime after snow
        Since mid-November, Rime has come on stage.The little island is overwhelmed by fog . Sometimes you hardly see the sun on day.On the conditions of such weather,  the island is really afantasy wonderland. 

    Tibet   to experience the most authentic Tibetan style 
        There are plenty of festivals around the Tibet at the beginning of new year. The most important is the Tibetan New Year, Tibetan people dressed up festive costumes, singing and dancing. A unique festival atmosphere is overwhelmed. 

    Qinghai      to enjoy the peace and happiness of Hot Springs 
        Guide County, Qinghai Province,which  is located in the Yellow River valley, has  a Zhacang ravine in 15 kilometers southwest of the county. There is a very well-known spa resort , which is named the Guide Hot Springs, also known Zhacang spa.